Project Description


Technical Data Sheet


AECOSILENT OVER is proposed in the market as an example of accomplished synthesis between environment, technology and innovation. The creation of a product with high performances through the use of recycled materials is a challenging project implemented through new technologies. AECOSILENT OVER is designed as floor product made up of a ELT rubber mat (750 Kg/m3 density, 3 mm thickness) coupled with a polyurethane agglomerate layer (90 Kg/m3 density, 5 mm thickness). The characteristics of hardness, treading, resistance to compression and abrasion,

crushproof over time and the elastic module typical of the upper layer (ISOLNOISE AE) are such to protect either the material of the lower layer than to guarantee the high soundproofing capacity. Easy to use, AECOSILENT OVER is equipped with side overlapping selvage so to avoid that imperfections during laying could compromise even only slightly the final result. AECOSILENT OVER, provides results in line with the promised performances.


Description M.U. Value References Notes
Absolute dynamic rigidity s’ MN/m3 11 UNI EN 29052-1 Cert. n°AE-086005-MG-B-2010
Resonance frequency f0 Hz 37 UNI EN 29052-1 Cert. n°AE-086005-MG-B-2010
ΔLw dB 33 UNI EN 12354-2 screed weight on top 115 kg/m2
Thermal conductivity λ W/mK 0,0475 UNI EN ISO 12667 Cert. n°007-10-the TR
Strain compression (dL-dB) mm 1,1 UNI EN 12431 Cert. n°439.11UN0050/11

Generic purpose

AECOSILENT UNDER is used as decupling elastic-resilient mat for the creation of floating floors to reduce the impact sound noises in buildings with any intended purpose, so to comply with the law requirements.


It is efficiently used in any kind of floors, over the screed.

1) Final coating
2) Screed lodging
4) Lightened trimming screed
5) Concrete layer
6) Floor
7) Plaster