Project Description


Technical Data Sheet


The achieved synthesis between technology and performance is accomplished in AEMAX T. The sound-impeding and soundabsorbing innovative AEMAX T system has great characteristics that makes it particularly suitable for wooden roof insulation. AEMAX T is an ecological mat made up by two materials, one layer of polyurethane agglomerate (90 kg/m3 density, 30 mm thickness) and one rubber layer (750 kg/m3 density 6 mm thickness) coming from the ELT recycling bound by mass polymerized polyurethanes.

The high density rubber ensures excellent acoustic performances and mechanical-physical characteristics of very high level for
an unparalleled “elastic memory”. AEMAX T is the result of a long research of the mother company which fully expresses the
philosophy, where techniques, avant-garde and analysis come together in a unique solution.


Description M.U. Value References Notes
Rw dB 42 UNI EN ISO 140-3 UNI EN ISO 717-1 Cert. n° 135-09 acuAS
Thermal conductivity λ dB 0,0408 UNI EN ISO 12667 Cert. n° 023-09-the TR

Generic purpose

AEMAX T is designed to give the roofs and wooden roofs in particular, an adequate increase of the sound insulating power, thanks to its sound-absorbing and soundimpeding performances. The rubber very high mechanical resistance makes the laying operations secure even in the most critical use conditions.


Wooden roofs acoustic insulation, directly laid on the timber-frame and underneath the thermal insulation layer. The ELT rubber side has to be pointing upwards.