Project Description


Technical Data Sheet


Use versatility and very high performances. Those are the main characteristics of AEMIX ACUSTIK. Long researches and extensive studies have made the creation of AEMIX ACUSTIK possible through absolute innovative technologies. AEMIX ACUSTIK is an ecological panel made in two parts: on one side with recycled ELT elastomers (950 Kg/m3 specific weight and 5 mm thickness) and on the other with polyurethane agglomerate (90 Kg/m3 density, 20 mm thickness). Its versatility lays in the possibility to be used in civil

related field to optimize the thermal-acoustic insulation of vertical partitions with cavity, plasterboard counter-walls and holed or gridded countertops; in the industrial related field to make panels and insulation cabins. AEMIX ACUSTIK. Excellent results in any kind of application.


Description M.U. Value References Notes
Rw dB 54 UNI EN ISO 140-3 – UNI EN ISO 717-1 Cert. n° 122-09 acuAS
Thermal conductivity λ W/mK 0,0484 UNI EN ISO 12667 Cert. n° 119-09-the TR

Generic purpose

AEMIX ACUSTICK thanks to the union of two materials with complementary characteristics, is able to supply a good acoustic insulation thanks to the high density soundproof layer, used either alone that inside the double partitions cavities, combined to very good sound absorbing characteristics to contain the noises produced within the ambient or the cavity resonances inside the brick cavities. Such versatility makes it an efficient product in several applications either in civil and industrial sector.


Industrial sector
– Internal coating of boxes and silencing boxes
Civil sector
– In brick or plasterboard double vertical partitions cavity, in plasterboard counter-walls
– Above gridded or holed countertops with soundproofing purpose

1) Bricks
3) Bricks
4) 1,5 cm plaster