Project Description


Technical Data Sheet


AEMIX PUR is an ecological mat (90 kg/m3 density, 5 mm thickness), obtained from recycled open cells of expanded polyurethane without physical expanding agents , that once reduced in flakes, it undergoes an agglomeration process. On one side AEMIX PUR is made waterproof by an un-detachable high resistance film. It is ideal for application over the fixtures lightening screed for the

reduction of impact sound noises, suitable on floors such as slab and masonry in residential and commercial buildings.


Description M.U. Value References Notes
Absolute dynamic rigidity s’ MN/m3 22 UNI EN 29052-1 Cert. n° AE-086002-MG
Resonance frequency f0 Hz 53 UNI EN 29052-1 Cert. n° AE-086002-MG
ΔLw dB 28 UNI EN 12354-2 screed weight on top 115 kg/m2
Deformity to compression (dL-dB) W/mK 0,0339 UNI EN ISO 12667 Cert. n° 039-09 the TR
Thermal conductivity λ mm 1.2 UNI EN 12431 Cert. n°1191.11UN0050/12

Generic purpose

AEMIX PUR is used as decupling elastic-resilient mat for the creation of floating floors to reduce the impact sound noises in buildings with any intended purpose, so to comply with the law requirements.


It is efficiently used in any kind of floors, over the lightened screed.

1) Final coating
2) Screed lodging
4) Lightened trimming screed
5) Concrete layer
6) Floor
7) Plaster