Project Description


Technical Data Sheet


Highest acoustic insulation with contained thicknesses, workability and technology, those are the main characteristics of AEMIX WALL. The renovation problem and the acoustic clean -up is efficiently solved by this excellent product. AEMIX WALL is made up of a polyurethane layer, as a result of the Aetolia™’s technology (90 Kg/m3 density, 20 mm thickness) and a plasterboard panel (dimension 1200 mm x 2000 mm, 12,5 mm thickness). The application is incredibly simple: direct fastening

on existing walls. To improve the construction and the acoustic performance an additional plasterboard panel is enough, excellent results with minimum thickness. An ingenious solution to the acoustic restoration problem is finally achieved with AEMIX WALL.


Description M.U. Value References Notes
Rw (applied on one side) dB 54 UNI EN ISO 140-3 – UNI EN ISO 717-1 Cert. n° 112-09 acuAS
Rw (applied on two sides) db 61 UNI EN ISO 140-3 – UNI EN ISO 717-1 Cert. n° 113-09 acuAS
Thermal conductivity λ W/mK 0,0619 UNI EN ISO 12667 Cert. n° 118-09-the TR

Generic purpose

AEMIX WALL is used as fixing panel on existing walls to increase the thermal acoustic insulation.


Directly on the traditional concrete wall even not plastered, on one side only or both depending on the required performances. It is advisable to complete the counter-wall with a further layer of plasterboard panel, to be fitted in a staggered way with respect to AEMIX WALL.

2) Thermal bricks
4) Plasterboard panel