Project Description

AESSE 3000

Technical Data Sheet


AESSE 3000 is a soundproofing mat made up of a very flexible bituminous membrane (1,1 mm thickness) coupled with a recycled polyurethane agglomerate layer (90 kg/m3 density , 5 mm thickness). The technologies used to produce this material give to it excellent technical -physical characteristics, impermeability, good absorption capacity of impacts and vibrations. Suitable also in the most critical laying situations AESSE 3000 is a product against impact sound

noise used to separate the screed from the lightweight screed for fixtures. Easy to use, AESSE 3000 has an adhesive overlapping lateral selvedge so to avoid that during laying the imperfections can compromise, even slightly, the final result. The bituminous membrane allows the application whenever the use of self-levelling screeds is planned.


Description M.U. Value References Notes
Absolute dynamic rigidity s’ MN/m3 22 UNI EN 29052-1 Cert. n° 016-09-acu DS
Resonance frequency f0 Hz 53 UNI EN 29052-1 Cert. n° 016-09-acu DS
ΔLw dB 28 UNI EN 12354-2 Cert. n° 016-09-acu DS
Thermal conductivity λ W/mK 0,0415 UNI EN 12667 Cert. n° 036-09 the TR
Strain compression (dL-dB) mm 1.1 UNI EN 12431 Cert. n°1192.11UN0050/12

Generic purpose

AESSE 3000 is used as decupling elastic-resilient mat for the creation of floating floors to reduce the impact sound noises in buildings with any intended purpose, so to comply with the law requirements.


It is efficiently used in any kind of floors, over the lightened screed.

1) Final coating
2) Screed lodging
3) AESSE 3000
4) Lightened trimming screed
5) Concrete layer
6) Floor
7) Plaster