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Technical Data Sheet


Any structural element is important when we talk about acoustic and Aetolia™ cannot ignore the attention to those details. Experience and research have created AESTARK PLUS. Of extreme utility and flexibility, this product has been conceived to increase the airborne acoustic insulation in very contained thicknesses, 2,4 mm only. Due to its mass (specific weight 1500Kg/m3) AESTARK PLUS has also an attenuating behaviour in relation to vibrations transmission and can be used to increase the pipes insulation of rubber fixtures, plasterboards panels and any other structural element where, with

very low thickness, a very high acoustic performance is requested. If we also think about the workability during application, AESTARK PLUS moreover to be malleable can be made adhesive on one side to be easily used in all situations. AESTARK PLUS is one of the few acoustic sound-impeding membranes to guarantee the result with a certificate attesting its performances with an Rw to 22 dB for the panel only.


Description M.U. Value References Notes
Rw panel only dB 22 UNI EN ISO 10140-2 – UNI EN ISO 717-1 Cert. n° 014-13 IAP

Generic purpose

AESTARK PLUS is used as additional sound-impeding attenuating layer to increase acoustic insulation.


All applications are simplified thanks to the adhesive side. Application for technical fixtures with particular reference to the exhaust ones Application on plasterboard panels to increase the mass addition Application on iron structures to lower vibrations. Generic application whereas the increase of acoustic insulation is needed

1) Plumbing fixture pipe
3) Floor