Project Description


Technical Data Sheet


In the acoustic field the attention to details is not a minor element. ISOLBAEND V, produced through new technologies
which guarantee the maximum efficiency, is a band used for the lateral overlap of the resilient mat, so to create a sealed basin to cast the floating screed. The Aetolia™ experience and researches teach that the care of these details maximize the result and the

performances of the used products. The ISOLBAEND V band (65 Kg/m3 density) made of Neoprene has been designed also for the
use easiness. In fact, on one side the ISOLBAEND V band is selfadhesive giving the guaranty of its air tightness for an excellent result all the time.

Generic purpose

ISOLBAEND V has been designed as self-adhesive vertical decupling band to reduce the impact sound noise, very useful for the construction of floating floors.


ISOLBAEND V is placed in direct contact with the resilient material (anti-impactsound noise) and with the vertical partition, to be installed before the finishing screed. The cut of ISOLBAEND V must be done once the flooring is finished.

1) Lodging screed
2) Resilient material (anti-impact sound noise)
4) Wall
6) Screed