Project Description


Technical Data Sheet


The accessories are not minor elements. The ISOLBAEND range has been designed with the purpose to ensure maximum performances through the attention to details which are fundamental when we speak about acoustic insulation. The advanced production technologies have allowed the creation of the very high density ISOLBAEND products (750 Kg/m3), with natural and synthetic elastomeric compounds coming from the recycling of ELT, bound by mass polymerized polyurethanes.

We are dealing with an elastic-resilient cut wall band for the disjunction between the not supporting internal vertical partitions from the floors. ISOLBAEND is walkable, has very high mechanical resistances, very good impact absorbing capacity and good “elastic memory”, resistant to abrasions and has very good performances of elasticity and crush-proof over time wherever it is submitted to permanent loads. Researches, innovation and excellence condensed in ISOLBAEND products.


Description M.U. Value References Note
Absolute dynamic rigidity s’t MN/m3 66 UNI EN 29052-1 Cert. n° AE-107004-MG-B
Resonance frequency f0 Hz 91 UNI EN 29052-1 Cert. n° AE-107004-MG-B
Compression stress 10% KPa 21 UNI EN ISO 844 Cert. n° 586.2ISO350/12
Compression stress 25% KPa 145 UNI EN ISO 844 Cert. n° 586.2ISO350/12

Generic purpose

ISOLBAEND AE is used as a disjunction elastic-resilient horizontal cut wall band to reduce the vibrations transmission between the floors and the internal vertical partitions.


– Horizontally to the vertical partition base, between this one and the bear floor
– Horizontally at the top of the vertical partition, between this and the upper floor

1) Lodging screed
2) Resilient material (anti-impact sound noise)
4) Wall
6) Screed