Project Description


Isolnoise AE 15

Isolnoise AE 20


Aetolia™ absolute technological synthesis, the ISOLNOISE AE range combines workability, efficiency and resistance. The
ISOLNOISE AE products come from the ELT recycling made with natural and synthetic elastomeric compounds (750 kg/m3 density) designed for various structural applications including the vertical partitions airborne noises acoustic insulation. They are walkable products, with a very high mechanical resistance, excellent impact

absorbance capacity, and good “elastic memory”. They are also very resistant to abrasion and, if exposed to permanent loads,
give excellent elastic and crushproof performances over time. The production’s techniques and the new robotic processes have created a line of unmatched characteristics. ISOLNOISE AE. The excellence becomes simplicity.


Description M.U. Value References Notes
Rw (wall with ISOLNOISE AE 20) dB 55 UNI EN ISO 12354-1 Valore calcolato su doppia parete 12+8
Rw (wall with ISOLNOISE AE 15) dB 53 UNI EN ISO 12354-1 Valore calcolato su doppia parete 12+8
Thermal conductivity λ W/mK 0,1226 UNI EN ISO 12667 Cert. n° 080-09-the TR

Generic purpose

ISOLNOISE AE is used for airborne acoustic insulation of vertical partitions made with double wall system.


Inside the double wall cavity.

1) 1,5 cm plaster
2) Bricks
4) Bricks
5) 1,5 cm plaster