Project Description


Technical Data Sheet


NOVAFLEX AESOUND is a low thickness insulating material against impact sound noise designed for acoustic improvement
and the impact sound noise attenuation of existing or new floors by direct gluing under ceramic or wood floors. NOVAFLEX AESOUND is a 750 kg/m3 density, 2,5 mm thickness mat made up

of natural and synthetic elastomeric compound coming from the recycling of end ELT (end of life tyres) and cork granules, bound by mass polymerized polyurethane.


Description M.U. Value References Notes
Impact sound noise attenuation level ΔLw dB 15 UNI EN ISO10140-3 test under ceramic
Impact sound noise attenuation level ΔLw dB 17 UNI EN ISO10140-3 test under wooden floor glued 15 mm
attenuazione del livello di calpestio ΔLw dB 21 UNI EN ISO10140-3 test under wooden floating floor
Thermal conductivity λ W/mK 0,085 UNI EN 12667 internal laboratory test
Volatile organic substances emissions class A+ ISO 16000-9 RP 050314-01.1

Generic purpose

NOVAFLEX AESOUND is used as a decupling elastic-resilient mat for the creation of floating floors directly under the coating.


NOVAFLEX AESOUND is used directly under the coating, simply laid in case of floating wooden floor or glued in case of glued wooden floor or concrete floor. The use of the decupling AEFLEX SR band is advisable.

1) Final coating
3) Lodging screed
4) Lightened screed
5) Concrete layer
6) Floor
7) Plaster