New Humanities Center of the University of Padua

We are pleased to provide this reference for the project of the New Humanistic Center of the University of Padua, an ambitious and significant contribution to architecture and education in the historic heart of Padua. This project was made possible thanks to the use of high quality materials supplied by Aetolia VZ, including Aeureka 40, Aecosilent Special and Isolnoise AE 5, which played a fundamental role in the excellence of this structure.

The Beato Pellegrino complex, which houses the New Humanities Centre, is an extraordinary example of architectural recovery and renewal. Occupying a total area of ​​approximately 17,600 square metres, between via Beato Pellegrino and via Elisabetta Vendramini, the project has preserved and given new life to the ancient cloisters of the Benedictine nuns, whose monastery was suppressed in 1806. This combination of history and innovation has created a unique space, rich in meaning and open to creative and knowledge-seeking minds.

The facility has 18 classrooms, providing a total of 1500 places for teaching. This not only represents a significant resource for the university community, but also underlines the University of Padua’s commitment to offering a modern and stimulating learning environment for its students.

The library of the Nuovo Polo Umanistico is a gem for lovers of knowledge, with a space dedicated to 356,341 volumes. With 460 places for study and reading, it offers an ideal environment for research and study, thus contributing to academic growth and knowledge production within the University.

The use of Aetolia VZ materials, in particular Aeureka 40, Aecosilent Special and Isolnoise AE 5, has proven to be a smart choice to ensure the comfort, energy efficiency and durability of this structure. These materials have significantly contributed to creating a welcoming, quiet and comfortable environment for students and researchers, promoting an optimal learning and studying experience.

In summary, the New Humanistic Center of the University of Padua represents an example of architectural excellence and academic commitment. The use of Aetolia VZ materials played a crucial role in ensuring the success of this project, which will continue to inspire and enrich the academic community and the city of Padua for many generations to come. We are proud to have been part of this extraordinary achievement and look forward to seeing how this space will contribute to the growth of knowledge and innovation in the future.



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