Protegge le membrane resiste al fuoco

RRubberval StopFire: The Ideal Protection for Membranes that Resists Fire

Protecting membranes and resisting fire: this is the innovative promise offered by Rubberval StopFire, the ecological trampoline that stands out for its ability to preserve the waterproof layers from damage caused by blunt objects, covering soil or concrete flows. But that’s not all, because Rubberval StopFire goes beyond expectations, guaranteeing flawless sealing against flames and heat.

This eco-friendly trampoline has earned an impeccable reputation thanks to its insulating properties, derived from vulcanized granular rubber, and its extraordinary fire resistance characteristics. By offering an advanced and reliable solution, Rubberval represents a significant step forward in the fire safety sector.

Its ability to protect membranes from external damage, combined with resistance to fire hazards, allows professionals to exceed existing safety standards. With Rubberval StopFire, the quality of work is undisputed, ensuring a level of safety and protection that goes beyond expectations. Its effectiveness not only protects surfaces, but represents a fundamental investment for lasting success and long-term peace of mind.

Whether large-scale construction projects or more specific applications, the introduction of Rubberval StopFire marks a milestone in the fire protection industry, offering an innovative and reliable solution that ensures material protection and on-site safety of work.



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