Novaflex ae sound

Introducing the Latest Solution for Acoustic Comfort and Safety: Novaflex AE Sound StopFire Panels

In the pursuit of both acoustic comfort and safety, the cutting-edge Novaflex AE Sound StopFire high-density elastic panels offer a seamless solution. As an evolution of the renowned Novaflex AE Sound sheath, these new rubber and cork panels not only effectively reduce noise by up to 21 dB caused by foot traffic but also boast exceptional fire-resistant properties. The amalgamation of these features provides a singular, all-encompassing solution for those seeking an optimum blend of tranquility and security.

Engineered to meet the demand for enhanced acoustic comfort, the Novaflex AE Sound StopFire panels serve as a formidable barrier against disruptive noise, ensuring a peaceful and undisturbed living environment. In addition to their noise-reducing capabilities, these panels prioritize safety with their remarkable resistance to fire, elevating the overall protective quotient of any living or working space they are installed in.

The environmentally conscious can take solace in the fact that these panels are not only highly effective but also 100% recyclable, underscoring a commitment to sustainable practices. Choosing the Novaflex AE Sound StopFire panels means making a conscious decision towards an ecologically responsible and secure living environment. Experience the perfect blend of acoustic comfort and security by opting for the 100% recyclable and ecologically protective Novaflex AE Sound StopFire panels, setting new standards in both acoustic engineering and fire safety.



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